Welcome to BAMS

Welcome to Break Away Management Services. We specialize in compliance auditing services and tailor programs and electronic audit platforms for each client's specific needs.
The company was started in 1996 by Jenny and Duncan Nel, has grown dramatically over the past 17 years, constantly striving to offer clients the most innovative and functionally simply compliance systems available. From it's earliest inception, Break Away has been known for high standards of integrity and attention to detail. We have always kept a close eye on market trends and the requirements of the compliance industry as a whole. With this in mind the decision was taken in 2009 to develop a system that would eliminate the need for paper during audits.
With the introduction of the innovative AUD auditing system in early 2010, the manner in which compliance audits are conducted, changed. The electronic platform allows all of our clients, real-time access to compliance data. All audits are conducted on tablets and results are immediately available to the respective client. Further development means that client databases are more accurate and easily linked to map software. Clients are able to remotely monitor compliance within their group or franchise. Analysis and comparison of compliance data, year on year results, can be simplified using the new compliance software.
With all of this in mind our aim is to maintain the high standards of integrity and accuracy in reporting we have been know for, while focusing on service delivery and product innovation.