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The company was started in 1996 by Jenny and Duncan Nel and traded as Break Away Conference Management CC. With a strong link to Duncan Nel and Associates, the company offered compliance services to the South African Motor Body Association (SAMBRA) for a number of years. During this time the aim was to focus on accuracy in reporting while monitoring individual compliance within the motor repair industry. Assessments/Audits were conducted with a simple set of industry related criteria, determined by SAMBRA. In 1999 we were approached by Volkswagen of South Africa to conduct compliance audits throughout their repair network in South Africa and Namibia. We are proud to have maintained the relationship we have with Volkswagen over the past 13 years and look forward to many more. To date our relationship with Volkswagen of South Africa is the longest professional relationship between compliance service provider and manufacturer in the repair industry. Over the following years several other manufacturers have approached us for compliance services and we are proud to work closely with Hyundai Motors South Africa, Toyota SA, Peugeot and Citroen South Africa, FCA and Nissan South Africa. While the compliance requirements for each of these manufacturers is different, we are proud to have been able to tailor our service offering to each of these clients, in order to meet their changing needs over the years. While a large focus of the business has always been to offer compliance services within the motor body repair industry, our aim is to offer the same high standards of compliance services to other industries and focus on the marketing of our compliance software.

Interesting things are on the cards…watch this space carefully.